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The Little Things Matter

At the Law Office of Christine D. Patterson, we take the time to discuss and fully understand your legal issues, approaching each case with integrity and advocacy. We are dedicated to resolving your issue with respect and compassion. We are responsive and highly accessible to our clients, returning calls and emails promptly.

All clients receive the personal attention of Attorney Patterson, during all stages of their case, from the initial meeting through settlement or trial.  The case is always handled by Attorney Patterson and not a less experienced attorney.  Attorney Patterson is always prepared for any court appearances, and takes care to prepare her clients about what to expect so that clients feel comfortable.

Our goal is to help families get through the process with the least amount of stress possible.

Our Approach

Straightforward Representation

We understand that all issues of family law, but especially filing for divorce can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time for families.  Our goal is to help families get through the process with the least amount of stress possible.  At the initial meeting, you will meet with Attorney Patterson, where you will have the opportunity to describe the circumstances of your situation, and your goals.  Attorney Patterson will then explain the legal process thoroughly, letting you know what to expect.  At every stage of the process, you will know your legal options and can discuss the cost and benefit of each option with Attorney Patterson.  During this process, you will develop a legal strategy that is designed to achieve your goals. 

Attorney Patterson has a well-deserved reputation as an honest, compassionate lawyer who advocates for her clients to protect their interests.  She uses a common-sense approach to solving your legal problems.  This benefits the client because increased conflict and drama translates to high legal costs.  Attorney Patterson will always keep the clients’ best interest in mind. 

Our initial consultation is always free.

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